Retail Construction Services, Inc. is dedicated to giving back.

We give back not only to those in need within our community, but also the future generations of this wonderful community. What started out as a great idea has grown exponentially and has become an amazing reality. Here at the RCS Giving Garden, school groups, master gardeners, corporate volunteers, and our own employees work together for the common good of teaching children the art of gardening and the importance of healthy eating. Click Here for Full Story.

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11343 39th Street N.
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From HWY 36 - go south on Lake Elmo Ave, turn left onto 39th Street, garden is at corner of 39th and Laverne.
From HWY 5- going west from Stillwater take right onto Laverne (near Fury dealership) garden is on the right at corner of Laverne and 39th street.

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The RCS Giving Garden

The RCS Giving Garden


Squash Blossoms, Scarecrow Bob and Critter Chomps!

Adventure Club Kids!  Click on any photo to enlarge
The younger Adventure Club kids came out to the garden on a sunny Friday! The squash flowers were beautiful and wide open for a lesson on pollination. We pretended to be bees with our Q-tips, flying from flower to flower spreading our yellow pollen.

After picking lots of yellow squash and zucchini, we moved to the cucumbers. We discovered a few with some little critter chomps! We decided we shouldn’t donate them BUT we could cut off the bad parts and eat them ourselves. One little guy said, “These taste so good that I don’t even need ranch dressing!” Nothing better than a fresh cucumber taken off the vine!

Finally, after picking 52 pounds of produce we had our watermelon treat. I also brought out
some strange grapes I found at the store though not locally grown.

We closed our eyes, put the
grape in our mouths and guessed the flavor. Cotton Candy- flavored green grapes! It was time to bring Scarecrow Bob out of the garden shed, too. His face had faded so we used permanent marker to give him a new look...not too scary though.

After the kids left on the bus, Victoria and I plumped Bob up with some extra straw, fixed up his clothing and found him a home against the new squash tunnel. Zip-tying is a skill we discovered Victoria has, but Kathy does not! Scarecrow Bob would be on the ground if Kathy were left to the task! We all have our gifts, and I guess I should stick to gardening!

Victoria’s final words on this very warm day....

      “Kathy, I can honestly say you wore me out today. I need a nap!”

--Kathy Luoma, Washington County Master Gardener